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Are you having too much salt? You might not think so. But every day 26 million adults in the UK eat too much salt. You could be eating too much without realising because about 75% of the salt we eat is already in the food we buy. If you want to cut down, the good news is there are plenty of simple things you can do.
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Why cut down on salt?

Cutting down on salt will lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of stroke and heart diseases.
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How much salt should we eat?

Find out how much salt adults, children and babies should eat.
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Which foods contain salt?

Most foods contain salt – but some contain a lot more than others.
Man checking label on food tin

Checking the label

Checking the label is crucial if you want to find out how much salt is in the food you buy.
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Salt tips and myths

Follow our tips and check out the myths to help you cut down on salt.

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